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At first I was disappointed that there was a 30 minute time limit this year on the closet project. I was extremely grateful for the full closet clear out last year and that is one of the many assignments that worked perfectly without me having to give it any thought at all during the year. I find that the only things that did not work well, were things I had a limited amount of time to do last year.  Thus, I decided right from the start today that I would ignore the 30 minute time limit and get my hall closet completely cleared, cleaned and organized so that I could use a shelf for office supplies. Things didn’t go as planned.

The company that installed that new AC unit I had to spend nearly half my meager savings on last summer had made an appointment to come by as part of their routine maintenance agreement. Once he had checked out the unit, he came inside and showed me pictures of just how caked with dust my brand new AC has become. Since it is sealed from the blowing desert dust, the filth can only be coming from the ducts. Cleaning the unit is part of the maintenance agreement so that won’t cost me anything. However, to prevent the unit from clogging up again within the next 6 months my ducts have to be cleaned. There may be a few tear stains on that 600.00 check I had to write.

Anyway, so the guy is sending a team out tomorrow. This meant my closet project was immediately put on hold. I had to finish clearing and sorting the office so that workers can get in and out of there. I also have to deal with the lump of laundry on my bed immediately and not put that off while I work on other projects. Cleaning off my night stands was on my list of small projects but I now have to do that tonight so they can be moved out of the way so that the ginormous king sized bed can be moved over so the workers can access the vent.

Not a damned thing “routine” about AC maintenance. It’s forcing the bedroom, office, laundry lump and nightstand projects to be scrunched up into a 24 hour period. No flowers, just a “bend over”.

I did get to spend 30 minutes in a closet today. Just not the one I wanted. I needed to clear a shelf in the office closet for craft supplies to get them off the floor so that workers can move around in that room. I added more things to the garbage pile and more things to the outbox/swap meet box while making that space.

Thankfully, tomorrow is “work on your project” day so once the AC crew leaves (hopefully by noon), I’ll be able to get to that closet, create a space for office supplies, which will in turn allow me to clear a space for guests to place their clothes.


The office is now cleared of extraneous “stuff”.  That pile on the floor is the “outbox”. Next step is to box my toys and the computer stuff temporarily, so the furniture can be removed and the new furniture built.