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We’ve been working on the Floor part since Thursday. Our “weekends” are my son’s days off which normally fall on Thursdays and Fridays.  I am happy to report that, while there are no real photos to prove it, we have completed the main room. This is an “open floor plan” house and the main room is huge. It is kitchen, dining room, den and entry all in one. It also has become the main section of the Mad Artists Laboratory.  This is where, with the exception of my bed, all the heaviest furniture that rarely gets moved lives.  

Because all that heavy or cumbersome furniture has to get moved to clean under and behind and get those baseboards, it was a good time to tackle one of the side projects on my list. While pulling the large cedar chest away from the wall, I took that opportunity to fill it with my mother’s china.  Our art supplies now have a pretty place to live.

While waiting for the floor to dry and taking a bit of a break from scrubbing, we repaired the broken drawer in the kitchen using wood glue and an improvised clamp made of hay string and a screwdriver.

Today John goes back to work, but I am fully able to vacuum, sweep and mop my bedroom and the two bathrooms. No one is moving that damned bed and I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about that. No one is going to be hauling the washer and dryer away from the wall to clean under and behind either. Guilt? Not a bit.

The main room looks much fresher and once I de-dog hair and mop my bedroom and bathrooms, they will feel quite fabulous. I really needed to win that lottery so I could hire a maid to come in to dust, vacuum and mop every day. Le sigh.