This is Belle, aka Bellatrix LeStrangeDog, barn dog extraordinaire. She’s our only truly good dog.

This is Ginny, she’s one of the “Lucky She’s Cute” dogs. She is adorable isn’t she? She’s also a pain in the old lady fanny. She digs cavernous holes, pesters the ponies, barks to hear herself bark and, often escapes the barn so she can come scratch on the windows of the house, at night, when it’s dark, and scare us half to death.

Bedtime, aka Cookie Time, is generally around 10pm. If we dare to watch just one more episode of something, the dachshunds whine all the way through the show and the Kraken Puppy will sit, stare unblinking, and do her best to use The Force. I wish I was kidding.

The drill at night is she has to go outside before bedtime/cookie time. She doesn’t know why she has to do this but it’s the rules, so she runs down the back steps, turns around, runs back up the steps into the house and sits by the cookie box waiting for me to catch up.

Sheldon and Amy, starring in Guardians of the Blanket.