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covermeimgoininOnce again, going in!

Officebefore1This is how much room I have to get my wheelchair and myself in the office right now.

Officebefore2The full and brutal reality.

 No, I’m really not a hoarder. Really. I have been selling stuff at the local swap meet and I’m always in need of boxes and packing materials. The office is crammed full of stuff to sell and boxes to cart things to and from, plus boxes to pack and mail things I sell on eBay. I’ve made a commitment that if something doesn’t sell on eBay or at the swap meet within 4 weekends, it heads off the property to a donation bin. I’d rather sell fresh organic veggies and my own crafts there.

First order of business is to consolidate empty boxes and packing materials and remove them to the garage. It is time for the swap meet items in the garage to leave for the donation bin this week. The swap/eBay items in the office, and those in my “Out Box” will go in the garage to take their place for the next 4 weeks.

 officeafter1hourHow it looks after just one hour!

So, I took a break to enjoy cooking in my nice neat kitchen and made a pot of Zuppa Toscana to sustain me through the week. I have a large crop of kale going in my garden so I didn’t have to buy anything. I LOVE THAT!


I took the afternoon off to enjoy my zuppa and have a nap. Went back into the office this evening for an hour while listening to Galavant 😀

officeafter2ndhourAfter the second 1 hour cleaning stint

So, after a mere two hours today, one hour this morning and one hour this evening, the boxes, packing materials, miscellaneous craft supplies and outbox things are sorted and half the room is purged of junk so that I can decide what shelf unit stays and which ones must go.

Proof that a helluva lot can be accomplished in 120 minutes split up throughout the day in a wheelchair dodging helpful dachshunds.

Tomorrow I will sort the old desk and decide what to do with my husband’s computers and printer. I need to get the files and fun stuff, his writings and photos, off and then see about having them cleaned and refurbished for use. I’m not really sure how to do that so I’ll have to make some calls and ask a lot of people. If any of you have ideas about that, please please let me know.