Kraken puppy. She’s so cute… when she’s sleeping.

For Cure newbies, welcome to Cure hell. For Cure Veterans, yup, it’s ba-aack.  Before you whine too much, just be glad you a. Don’t live on a farm (unless you do, then come whine with me), b. Don’t live on a farm that that just experienced a deluge of biblical proportions Twice in one week (unless, of course you do, then come whine by me and share my vodka). It is going to be weeks before we dry out here. Removing shoes doesn’t help. I’d have to strip at the door not to carry this stuff in with me and I’ve done so on several occasions recently. Can’t strip a large, hairy, muddy dog, however.

Hay, mingled with hair from the ever shedding and exuberant Kraken puppy and dried mud turned to tiny pebbles lines every corner of the house and I have no idea how it spreads that far because neither I, nor the Kraken puppy, spend time in corners. Underneath the hair, hay and mud dust lies the normal grunge. This will take all three days to “Cure”. One day to vacuum every inch (even knowing in my soul the crud will return within hours), one day to scrub every inch of floor and baseboard, and a third day to do it all over again to get a passably clean floor throughout the house.



I’ll wait until I feed the critters to get started on this. That way, the vacuumed floor will actually stay good until sunset. When I have to clean like this, I find myself dreaming of a tidy home in a city “Somewhere That’s Green”. One trip to town during snowbird season in Sun City, cures me of that dream in 15 minutes.

I’ll keep you posted. Time to feed all the mouths around here and change the vacuum cleaner bag.