It is taking longer to complete the project than we anticipated, but it’s going wonderfully well considering we’ve only had about 12 hours of actual tiling to work with. John, has never participated in the tiling efforts of past projects but you would never know it. The experience I gained on those past projects as tiling helper has, to my amazement, come back to me.  We’ve had to stop and think out a few issues but luckily those issues were spotted well ahead of time, planned for and we sailed right on through them. I think, if we did this every day (like THAT is going to happen BAHAHAHAHA) we could do this professionally and get the job done in two days rather than a week and be as good as the best tile professionals out there. Yes, our little job is looking that good. We’re very proud of it so far and I know Billiam would be too.


Just look at that perfect edge on a slightly off square wall!

The walls are off square, thankfully, not as much as Billiam guesstimated, but by adjusting the width of the grout lines ever so slightly we made the thing look perfect because the line of tile is straight and the cut tiles are all even. Tiles that had to be cut to fit at the doors and door facings matched up so perfectly it’s difficult to realize that there are even cut tiles there. They just look like the baseboards were installed over the full tiles.

In spite of the difficulties surrounding our poor little abused wet saw, I have prevailed. Tile cutting was always my job so that Billiam wouldn’t have to get up and down so often and I got pretty darned good at it.


One of the tiles I cut to fit a doorway. (In the dark, with a flashlight between my teeth)

So, yes. We’re pretty stoked about it. John’s work schedule, is, of course, ridiculous so the grout is going to take a few days. When Billiam and I did the tile in the den we had a hard time choosing between two grout colors. One was a dark brown, “Chocolate”, and the other was a few shades lighter, “Nutmeg”. We ended up choosing the lighter color and we were disappointed in how it looked once the grout had cured. It still looks great, but it wasn’t what we thought it was going to be. This time around, I chose the “Chocolate”. I’m hoping it will be more like our original vision, but if it’s not, well, Chocolate in the bedroom just cannot possibly be a bad thing right?

Grout and grouting tools are ready and on standby, waiting for John to have another morning shift. Thank goodness I didn’t decide to tile the bedroom before we turned the old office into a guestroom.