Did any of you seasoned Cure folk notice how Janel is taking it easy on the Cure newbies this year? I cry foul (last weekend it would have been fowl). Not really, but for you newbies, let me just tell you that you got off LIGHT this year. Last year there was none of this innie or outie stuff. It was THE KITCHEN. All of it. Inside, outside, upside downside. If there’d been barges and bales involved, Janel would have had us lifting and toting them. But we adore her… at the end of each assignment and after a glass of whatever alcoholic beverage floats our pirogue (it’s a boat). Does that make what we all accomplished last year “Unrealistic”? I ponder these things after sniffing Murphy’s Oil Soap all morning.

Thankfully, I did such a grand job of tackling the unrealistic whole-istic kitchen assignment last year, that I actually didn’t need to cure any cabinet insides so I was able to just concentrate on the outsides. The kitchen assignment last year also made my choice of cleaning the outsides easier. I had added a narrow table in my laundry closet last January to hold my small kitchen appliances so my counters only had some recent clutter. I spent the morning cleaning cabinet doors and frames, clearing the clutter, wiping and polishing the appliances and counters and I was done baby. This was not the 3 day, sun up to past 10 at night, marathon purge, clean and polish of last year. Half. A. Day. Done.

Now I have to peek in the office to start my big project. Oh, it’s bad. It’s really really bad. I’ll take pictures. Tomorrow. For now I’m going to enjoy my sparkling kitchen. And a wine cooler.