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Today is the start of the weekend give my bedroom a thorough cleaning and decluttering assignment. WOOHOO there is no clutter! I decluttered and purged my brains out in there last year and did not even think about cluttering it up again all year. There have been times I had to store some boxes in there, but those were very temporary. With the AC crew coming in on Wednesday, I had already shifted and vacuumed under all but one piece of furniture and wiped down the night stands so even that was done. I do need to launder the bed linens and vacuum under the armoire, but John will have to clean the ceiling fan. The AC dude cleaned my vents until they look brand new so I don’t even have to do that!

This means I was able to spend more time in the Guest Room (which qualifies as a bedroom)/Office. Spend time in there I did too boy. I cleared out, packed up, pitched and outboxed everything on 4 shelf units and everything except books off the fifth big shelf. All my collection of nerdy/geeky toys is boxed up. Some of the beautiful models my husband built and painted of some of my gaming characters are now displayed in my den. Framed photos are boxed up. I’ll be thoroughly cleaning those empty shelves tomorrow, getting pictures and putting them up for sale on a local swap board. I’m still trying to decide what to do with some of the stuff. For instance, my husband had saved a commemorative coke bottle from the Rose Bowl in 1987, still full of coke. It’s worth anywhere from 10.00-30.00 depending upon who sees and bids on it. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort for 10.00 but 30.00 I could use. I have dutifully moved and dusted that damned bottle for 20 years. I definitely. do. not. want. it. Pitch or sell?

officeshelf1I just need to move the books and this shelf can be cleaned and sold or donated.

officeshelves2Three shelves fully cleared and ready for cleaning. I’ll be taking that wall unit down and reusing it over my crafting area. The shelf unit on the right wall is the one I’ll be keeping  for books and gnerdy toys.

outboxpileofficeUnless John needs this shelf in his room, it will be cleaned and sold or donated. Look how my outbox pile has grown!

officeshelf3The fifth shelf cleared and ready to be cleaned and sold or donated. That is the 2nd outbox pile in front of it.

I am determined to pick out a paint color and really get this project going next week so if these spare shelf units do not get sold over the next 4 days they’ll be donated on Tuesday. As soon as John’s work schedule permits this weekend, he’ll clean my ceiling fan and I can launder my bed linens.