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Today’s assignment was to pick a closet and clean the heck out of it. I picked my linen closet because A. It didn’t require me crawling around on the floor again and B. it’s needed to be decluttered and cleaned for 20 years and 3 houses. We just moved the contents as is from our old house, to the rental and then to the new house, adding stuff as the years went by and only dumping stuff if it actually ripped. The result has been that I’d have to use real strength to shove clean towels and sheets in there. See for yourself.

beforelinenpurgeThat before picture should make up for the fact that I did not take a before picture of the laundry room closet. It was just like this except it was filled with filthy junk and twice this size.

So, what did I find when cleaning out the linen closet? I found my two (of three) good sets of sheets, an assortment of flat sheets that used to have matching fitted sheets, an old mattress pad I meant to dump over a year ago, an old worn out blanket, my good spare mattress cover, 4 towels, 4 table cloths, 2 woven place mats, and at least 24 pillow cases that don’t match any sheets I currently own! Was I afraid there was going to be a world wide shortage of pillow cases or that I might never be able to afford another one? You would think I lived through the depression with all the stuff I have hung onto over the years. I’ve had hard times, but c’mon!

Thankfully I have, at least temporarily, regained my senses. There’s now room in my linen closet to store my vacuum cleaner. I could probably store the dogs in there too. Amy is treading on thin ice today. My linen closet might become her “Cupboard Under The Stairs” if she chews up anything else vital today.

afterlinenpurgeI need to find out who or what has eaten all my gold colored towels. I used to have four gold ones and four blue. One blue towel is in the laundry, one is hanging in the bathroom, so I’m missing one blue and three gold towels. But by god I have pillow cases.