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painteddoorsThere wasn’t really much to take a picture of today except that I did actually get the first coat of paint on the two door frames. Although I worked myself crazy in there today, this is the only thing that made an eye popping difference. I took a picture yesterday of this corner when I was clearing the boxes of stuff that shows the green corner they once were.

redbeansI would have never done the doors the same color as the walls by choice. At the time this room was painted, my husband was going through his first cancer experience which required tandem bone marrow transplants. Our insurance had dropped us like a hot rock the minute he was diagnosed (back then they were allowed to do that) and his treatments ate every bit of our substantial savings as well as a great wad of his mother’s. The transplants would remove all of his immunities to everything which meant we could have no germs in the house. I needed to repaint with something that would stand up to being scrubbed constantly with Clorox and Lysol. At the same time, I couldn’t afford to buy extra gallons just for trims. Add to that, I had the two weeks he was hospitalized to accomplish a germ free, easily cleaned house. This is why the floor in there is bare concrete. I had to rip up the carpet. We’d planned to tile the bedroom last winter but, of course, the second cancer intervened. It’s on his to-do list and one of the things I’ll be learning to do after the Cure is over.

The rest of my bedroom duty today was vacuuming the walls and scrubbing them clean. Because they’re painted with semi-gloss I can clean the tar out of them with just about anything I want.  My oldest son gave me an awesome tip years ago. Scrubbing Bubbles. I don’t think I’d try it on dainty flat paint but on a nice slick semi-gloss it works like a charm. Spray the stuff on, wipe it around evenly with a sponge mop or rag, then go over it a couple of times to rinse. You’re done, it’s quick, and boy does it work. It goes a lot faster for people without orthopaedic problems but it’s still pretty darned quick.

Oh and I did vacuum the cobwebs off the Addams Family ceiling light. I’ll have to get John to vacuum and mop the ceiling, clean the fan blades and get the glass off the lights so I can wash them. While he’s doing that, I’ll add the second coat of paint to the doors and launder the linens.

I’m considering building shelves for the area where the old book shelf is. I’m building the dastardly dachshund duo a couple of doggie beds out of the drawers from an old dresser and have no particularly good place to put them that will be out of the way of my wheelchair. If I put up shelves, I’ll free up floor space for the doggie beds on that wall. It’s anyone’s guess if the dachshunds will actually sleep in those beds, or if they’ll just dig the stuffing out of the fluffy dog mattresses I’ll be putting in them. I’m going to finish the dog beds before the yard sale just in case.