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laundrypurge2The blank pallet we’ll begin to fill today.

John is off today so we’re going to see just how fast we can get some major building done in the laundry room before he leaves to meet his Juggling Club in the park tonight. There are two big things I’d like to accomplish today.

We’d built a Day Bed early on in our building spree last spring. Actually, it the plan called it a simple modern sofa but it’s so huge it’s actually a Day Bed. I’ve no use for a Day Bed. I also don’t want to waste all that wood. So today will be spent taking apart the Day Bed and turning it into a narrow table that will fit in the laundry closet. My original plan was to turn it into a small table for the front porch, but that will have to wait. A table for the porch is just fun and decorative, while a place to hold small appliances is urgent.

sofafinishedThe Day Bed we will be deconstructing today.

Yesterday I’d picked up a bunch of inexpensive wooden crates to store cleansers that I don’t need on a daily basis, extra sponges, light bulbs and small repair supplies. With the supplies neatly corralled and easily removed, and while John is taking apart that Day Bed, I’ll be painting the laundry closet.

If y’all have kept up with other parts of my blog and have seen the patio furniture and other items we’ve built, you’ll know I love rustic. The all black, white, grey IKEA spartan look is just not me. I’m a Hobbit. So, the narrow table we’ll be building for the laundry closet will be painted to look old, much like we did our patio tables.

patiotriumphThe rustic look patio tables we built will be the look for the laundry table.

While John is deconstructing the Day Bed, I’ll whip up a cut list for the table so that he can go straight from deconstructing to constructing. I don’t have a ready made plan for this, but we built so much furniture last summer to fill the patio and backyard, that I’m confident I can do this.

We have a fairly limited amount of time, less than 8 hours, and two overly helpful dachshunds, so I’d best get out and get the ponies fed so we can get started! Time to crank up the Ride of the Valkyries, yes, to eleven.