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This post is about a happy accident. During the great tie-dyed patio curtain fiasco, I’d dyed the first 9 x 12 cotton drop cloth using Rit dyes. When washed, the colors faded badly. They were extremely muted versions of the original red, orange, yellow, pale blue and dark blue dyes I had used. I folded it up and hid it from myself thinking the ponies would have a colorful “tarp” for the winter.

Today, as I was folding and putting away laundry, and washing my sheets and pillow cases, I made up the bed with fresh sheets. I was about to toss a light blanket on for a spread when I spied the curtain failure. On a whim I tossed it on the bed and discovered that a 9 x 12 cotton drop cloth is the perfect size spread for a king sized bed! The softer muted colors actually look pretty good in my dark bedroom. The curtain which would have been dim outside, actually brightened things up in my room.

For 15.00 (at Harbor Freight) and a few bottles of Rit dye, I have a durable, washable bedspread! I have pets, so “I can’t have nice things”. Anything in this house has to be able to withstand the washer and dryer. This spread will stand up to the punishment Baxter, the cat, will dish out. dropclothbedspreaddropclothbedspread2